“Purely a joy to listen to. Their playful yet smart lyrics combine with brilliant instrumentation to make this one you need to grab… a wonderful album.” ~ Independent Clauses

Accessible and anthemic… Imaginatively arranged Americana rock and chamber pop with a fearlessly aware, Dylanesque, populist lyricism.“ Voted Best of 2015 ~ New York Music Daily

“With punch and melody, both dreamy and cerebral, their music is appealing and addictive. Fireships have influences from all across the board with a strange and ambitious energy which makes them likable.” ~ Leo Weekly (Louisville)

“It’s a boundless enthusiasm that bleeds into every corner of the folk-rock collective’s music, which, like carefully whittled wooden knickknacks, sounds lovingly hand-crafted.”  ~ Columbus Alive

“With an alt-rock, folksy vibe that skews Americana, Vladeck’s ‘veteranness’ matched with his bandmates awesomeness make for a fun, carefully crafted record.“ ~ A-Sides Huffington Post 

“‘Come Back to Me’ is an indie campfire jam, with a sing-along chorus and a convivial mood existing somewhere between indie rock and folk revival.” ~ PopMatters

“Toe-tapping tunes & heavenly harmonies in our debut from Fireships.“ ~ Daytrotter

“The perfect blend of Midwestern thoughtfulness and New Yorker gruff.”  ~ The L Magazine

“Fiery alt-folk… finely crafted, tuneful, passionate music.” ~ The Big Takeover

“Thoughtful, storied and intense songs… also relaxed and fun, with nods to African influences and a sense of whimsy.“ ~ Mountain Xpress (Asheville)

“Vladeck allows himself to be overwhelmed with beauty… The result is a thoughtful layering of gentle plucking, West African rhythms, soaring harmonies, and electric pop hooks. Each song belies an earnest longing that remains with the listener long after the final hooks have receded back into the clouds.“ – Breakthru Radio